Veterinary Services

Baths • Clips • Massages • Nail Trims • Teeth Brushing

We Feature
 Toy Boxes • PetCot™ Beds • Agility & Frisbee Yard • Conformation Ring for Show Training • Hydro Therapy

Only The Best For Your Pet
Only The Best For Your Pet

Additional Services
Routine Care Schedules • Feed, Water, Play & Exercise • Puppy Training
Guest Seminars • Full Veterinary Care by Appointment

Security or Safety Issues
Pets are Always Appropriately Supervised

Grooming, bathing, skin and nail care, massage and teeth brushing are always available and recommended.
Please Note!!!
Please contact Pet Country Spa at 972-524-2184 to get on our email list for dates and times of conformation classes.

Individual confirmation classes with Doc Sanders may be arranged by calling Pet Country Spa at 972-524-2184 or email at